New glitch found

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Hi guys zebra gal124 A.K.A Zebragirl A.K.A 1Hip 3 Hop2 here ,

My sister just found a new glitch go to puffle paddle play until your sure you give up let the thing come up saying your score and everything then click or press tab till its over the X if your clicking same thing hold Enter down if your using tab if using mouse keep clicking when your done press Done you’ll have aload of tickets 😀 .

~Hip hop


Hey guys .

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Hey guys ,

It Hip Hop here I’m here to tell you my blog isn’t just about CLUBPENGUIN it’s about Zebra’s – CP -webkinz -pbs kids and more U hope you don’t mind let me know if you do or don’t

Clothing catalog cheats

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For the red helmet click on the pumpkin for the blue helmet click the pumpkin and close the window 4X times for the yellow helmet while the blue viking helmet is up don’t close it click on the yellow puffle TAAA DAA you have it 😉 .

Click on the fire stick for the Black hero mask its cool turn black put it on and pretend to be a ninja teehee .

Scuba diving ??

Ok thats it enjoy members 🙂 .

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